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This complete system was designed and built with the ability to input from three separate lines.  The horizontal winder will wrap products with a maximum width of 61” and a minimum of 24” in length. Fully-Automatic variable speed wrapping ring with 10-12” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery , automatic film starting and cutting, air powered product hold downs. NEMA 12 enclosure with disconnect.  Click on the tabs below for further information.

All KPS Horizontal Winders are fully guarded with expanded metal.

Floor Layout Operator’s Manual Video

  Horizontal Winder:
  • 3 hp. 480/3/60hz. VAC variable speed motor with a right angle gear reducer.
  • AC Solid state variable speed motor controller
  • 0-29.5 RPM, friction wheel drive
  • Floor to center of ring . 52.0”
Film Applicator:
  • 12 ” Dual Kalamazoo Variable Tension Film Delivery
Power Requirements:
  • 480/3/60 30A (This system is supplied with solid state AC drives, PLC, and sensors. A clean power source must be supplied to the system without voltage spikes or drops.)
Air Requirements:
  • 80 psi ( Air must be clean and dry)
Wrap Cycle:

You will have 2 staging conveyors loading our pop-up conveyors. We will control the on/off operation of those conveyors. When a product gets to the photo-eye on your conveyor it tells our system a window is ready. The window is then fed onto a pop-up conveyor. When the window comes on to the pop-up conveyor, it is moved toward the roller conveyor and staged. When the winder is ready for the window, the pop-up conveyor is lifted and the window is measured as it is moved onto the center of the roller conveyor. The pop-up conveyor lowers, completing the transfer. Then the roller conveyor feeds the product on to the input conveyor. When the product leaves the roller conveyor the machine accepts the next window that is staged and ready from one of the pop-up conveyors. The window we just placed on the input conveyor is now in the winder to be wrapped. The Winder ring will come on and apply the reinforcing wraps to the front edge of the product and the conveyors will turn on and wrap the product. After the product is wrapped the winder will apply the reinforcing wraps to the tail edge of the product and automatically cut the film. The output conveyor will turn on and move the product out of the Winder. End of cycle.

  • Allen Bradley PLC and drives
  • Banner Sensors
  • Fully guarded
  • Kalamazoo variable tension 12″ dual head film delivery
  • Automatic film starting and cutting
  • Automatic shut down when film door is open
  • Computer designed for smooth running and easy maintenance
  • Bradley Controls (AB Flex Drives and Micrologix PLC)
  • Allen Bradley Ethernet Module
  • Air powered product hold downs with special sensors for extrusions
  • Input 860PB84: Powered belt conveyor
  • Output 1 860PB60: Powered belt conveyor
  • Rail conveyors and roller conveyor at input side for transferring and centering window with sensors. (2– rail conveyors, 1 – roller conveyor)
  • Rotating entry powered belt conveyors for 73” opening
  • Casters and quick connects for easy moving
  • System Integration, in plant system tuning for customers product, and one day system startup and training at the customers plant.
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