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The 860 is a horizontal winder designed wrap products with a maximum width of 52” and a minimum length of 24” with a fully automatic, variable speed wrapping ring and variable tension film delivery system. All KPS Horizontal Winders are fully guarded with expanded metal. The product being wrapped by this system was compressed fiber panels with very little weight or structural stability. It was required that we not damage the fragile edges or bend the panels during or after the wrapping process. We designed the air powered input slide table to automatically center the product and at the same time move the product fork in to the edge of the product, and than push the product through the Winder ring. After the product is wrapper and the film is automatically cut, the air powered pusher and the output powered roller conveyor will remove the product from the Wrapper. Floor Layout Video

Horizontal Winder:
  • 3 hp. 480 v A C variable speed motor with a right angle gear reducer.
  • AC Solid state variable speed motor controller.
  • 0- 40 RPM, friction wheel drive
  • Floor to center of ring . 40”
Film Applicator:
  • 10-12 ” Kalamazoo Variable Tension Film Delivery with MC5.5 brake.
Power Requirements:
  • 480/ 3 /60 hz. 20amp
Air Requirements:
  • 60 PSI
  • NEMA 12 enclosure with disconnect.
  • Automatic Centering
  • Automatic Product Pusher
  • All KPS Winders are completely guarded by expanded metal
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