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A horizontal winder to wrap products with a maximum width of 61” and a minimum of 50” in length. Fully-Automatic variable speed wrapping ring with a 20” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery, automatic film starting and cutting, 60” Long air powered product hold downs 4” dia. with 1” foam rubber. 60” Wide x 120” long powered belt gravity roller conveyors for 500 lb. Hurricane Proof Panels. NEMA 12 enclosure with disconnect.  Click the Tabs below for more information.

All KPS Horizontal Winders are fully guarded with expanded metal.

Floor Layout Operators Manual Video

  Horizontal Winder:
  • 3 hp. 230 v A C variable speed motor with a right angle gear reducer.
  • AC Solid state variable speed motor controller.
  • 0- 34 RPM, friction wheel drive
  • Floor to center of ring . 53.5”
  • 60” wide x 120 ” long powered belt roller conveyor for 500 lb. Hurricane Proof Panels  2 hp. 230 v AC
  • Variable speed motor with a right angle gear reducer.
  • AC Solid state variable speed motor controller. Center drive reversible
  • 2-1/2” dia. x 11ga. Gravity rollers set on 6” centers, 3” dia. end idler rollers, 4” dia. Drive roller
  • Height floor to top of conveyor bed 48.0”
Film Applicator:
  • 20” Kalamazoo Variable Tension Film Delivery with MC5.5 brake.
Power Requirements:
  • 230/3/60 hz. 20amp ( This system is supplied with solid state AC drives, PLC, and sensors. A clean power source must be supplied to the system without voltage spikes or drops.)
Air Requirements:
  • 80 PSI ( Air must be clean and dry)
Wrap Cycle:

Place the product onto the input conveyor and push the Cycle Start button. Or, if the system is going to be put inline with other conveyors a sensor will automatic turn on the input conveyor.The input conveyor will come on and convey the product into the Winder.

The Winder ring will start applying the film to the front edge of the product and the conveyors will come on and convey the product thought the Winder. The conveyors will stop and the Winder will apply the film to the tail end of the product.The Winder will automatic cut the film and the output conveyor will come back on and convey the product out of the Winder. End of cycle.

  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Powered Belt Roller Conveyors
  • Air powered hold down rollers
  • Banner sensors
  • Fully guarded
  • Kalamazoo variable tension 20 ” film delivery
  • Automatic film starting and cutting
  • Automatic shut down when film door is open
  • Direct fraction drive
  • Computer designed for smooth running and easy maintenance
  • Electric air conditioner
  • 20” Variable t tension film delivery with steel housing bearing spaced 2-3/8” apart.
  • 860 CNC machined ring
  • Larger access door on end of Winder
  • 60” wide, 12” stroke air powered product hold downs, 6” Dia. foam rollers
  • Conveyor pause button, 1/2 second per push and accumulative time
  • Mid cycle stop
  • Adjustable overlap. ( 2 each changeable times located inside if control cabinet.)
  • 860PBRC60x120 60” Wide x 120” long Powered belt gravity roller conveyor
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