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Below are examples of custom machines designed and built by Kalamazoo Packaging Systems.



890 PMV



4065T-PM-Cart (Greenhouse Wrapper)

815PMB5 (Banding Wrapper)

372 Table Top Stretch Wrapper


Super Window Line

Kalamazoo Packaging specializes in designing and building custom machines. We have the ability to electronically model machines before building them, which is inherently cheaper than building a machine that may not work. Because we design and test products before we build them, we reduce the amount of costly errors during the build stage. The example below is from a baggage wrapper designed for airports. The four main steps to successfully designing and building a machine are below. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

1. Create Auto-CAD drawings.

2. Create 3-D Models using the drawings.

3. Animate the solid Model. (click Here to watch animation.) 4. If everything looks good, build the machine.
Below are some more animations of custom machines.

Click to View Rotator Animation

This machine is capable of rotating random panels. It can be used for large, heavy and/or thick panels. The two animations below show possible unloading solutions.

Click to View Glass Bundle Wrapping System

This is a glass packaging system designed to wrap bundles of glass. Cardboard corners are attached to the glass, then the bundle moves down a vertical conveyor into the stretch wrapper.

Click to View Side Unloader Animation

Click to View End Unloader Animation


Click to View Input to Glass Packaging Line

This system is designed to handle glass and can be used with a horizontal wrapper to build a complete packaging line. During the process the glass is inspected, foam is applied, and the glass is wrapped.

Click to View Overall Glass Packaging Line

Click to View Loader Animation

This loading machine is designed to allow easy access to product carts. This particular machine uses actuators to center and load the product onto the conveyor.



Click to View Coil Roper Animation

This machine is designed to wrap and rope 30,000 pound coils of metal.