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KPS is a U.S. manufacturer and designer of stretch film applicators for all situations, with twenty six years experience.

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Kalamazoo Packaging Systems has been building stretch film applicators since the 1970's.  With our long time service in the stretch wrap industry, we strive to use our experience to sell you the best machine for your specific application.   We build our machines to be as reliable as possible, and to be easy to maintain.  We have 24 hour technical support available via this website, and all machines are built using standard parts available from yourlocal WW Grainger.   If you have a packaging problem, contact our on site design team for a solution.We offer a complete line of stretch film applicators from handwrappers to custom designed, automated conveyorized systems that fit your current production lines.  

All machines are completely supported with online parts explosions and common part numbers.  Buy from your own local supplier or order online direct from the manufacturer.  Remember: Grainger's Inside



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